Rooftop Session

One Lucky Sperm performing „hometown holidays“ this summer in one grey, cold and overly wet lucerne switzerland

In A Minute Or Two

Here it is, finally! The new video for „In A Minute Or Two“. Many thanks to Felix and Leandro for their hard work and the good time we had shooting in the Paris metro.


new OLS video in the making!

One Lucky Sperm spent last weekend in Paris with young film makers Felix Hergert and Leandro Russo shooting a video for the upcoming single In A Minute Or Two. Dispite having no filming permission, no one was arrested. So thanks, Parisian authorities! And sorry for getting on your nerves, dear Parisian metro commuters.

Within the next couple of weeks we will let you know about the release of the video.


This Saturday, 16th March, the 22nd edition of Lucerne’s international comics festival FUMETTO kicks off. One Lucky Sperm will be playing at the opening night at Hotel Schweizerhof presented by Kurt Aeschbacher.

OLS back in Nyon

One Lucky Sperm trio will be playing at Usine à Gaz in Nyon this Saturday, 2nd February, supporting Aloan

the end of the world as we know it starts with a bash in Winterthur

This Friday, 21 December 2012 every club, every bar round the corner, every off-licence store and probably even your grandma will in some way celebrate the end of the world.

So why come to Winterthur? BECAUSE! One Lucky Sperm Trio will be performing with fellow Lucerne pop sensation Alvin Zealot at Winterthur’s Gaswerk. Yeah, that’s why.

And we’ll stay for some after-show party, no matter what happens.

Tizz x

PS, we’ll be uploading a funny OLS Christmess song for all you guys out there. But only if we’re still alive at Christmas. And if the internet is still up and running.

Live im Musigbistrot Bern

Diesen Samstag, 17. November 2012 ist ONE LUCKY SPERM im Trio zu Gast im Berner Musigbistrot. Zu hören ist ein exklusives unplugged Set. Mehr Infos

OLS im Trio @ Schüür Luzern

One Lucky Sperm macht sich bereit für das Heimspiel! Am 8. November 2012 in der Schüür, mit Jwan „The Machine“ Steiner an den Trommeln und Ralph aka Donkey K. Jr. an den Keys

Bonsoir Lausanne

Ce soir (03.10.12): One Lucky Sperm au Resto’bar & Club BLEU LEZARD, Lausanne, concert 21.30h

Heute bei RaBe und SF Musicnight

One Lucky Sperm ist heute ab 20.00 Uhr zu Gast in unserer Hauptstadt bei Radio RaBe und ab 01.00 Uhr bei Musicnight auf SF2.